Pier​-​ic Victory

by Ford Pier



released June 7, 2004



all rights reserved


Ford Pier Vancouver, British Columbia

Ford: v.t. to cross by wading (Webster)
Pier: n. a disappointed bridge (Joyce)

Ford Pier has a rock band called The Vengeance Trio and a string quartet called Strength Of Materials. There's six or seven albums of this stuff, and more on its way. You just watch. ... more

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Track Name: The Unseen World

Can you stand before another and know what he sees
Or shake him by the hand and know that he agrees
If I asked you how, would you find it easy to explain?

Across a crowded room, under an empty sky
Beyond belief and trust or any how or why
What do your senses tell you,
do your senses lie now and again

The Unseen World
It's just the way it is when something unexpected happens
You lie there curled up, unsure and shivering,
wishing someone'd pick you up and take you by the hand
To help you understand

We're less the product of the things we know for sure
than of the questions posed that still go unanswered
All of the mysteries we scramble for the perfect word to hide

All secrets can be told, all stars are distant suns
All faces are the same, all limbs are phantom ones
All truth acquires its meaning
with a shaft of doubt thrust in its side

The Unseen World
The very mention of it proves its out there somewhere
The very words, why would we have them if there wasn't
something there to talk about
To figure out

What's this all about me?

Do you shut your eyes and wish for what you think you should
Do you believe in luck, can it be bad or good
Do you believe in fate, do you think that could just be a crutch?

And would a word of prayer escaping past your lips
feel like a stranger's skin against your fingertips?
Trembling, unfamiliar, warm and sticky,
rough and yielding to the touch.

The Unseen World
How sharper than a child's first tooth is that to cling to
The Unseen World
A mist of half-remembered dreams that one could almost bring to be at last
And hold them fast

Track Name: Estrus

A rumble from the belly of greed itself was the first of many clues
that we can do it any time we want, we can do it any time we want
Build it up as high as it'll go with any tools we care to use

"Why do you resist, why do you deny?"
Are you going to do it? Doing it is having it done.
"Why do you even try?"

I'm ready
I'm waiting
I'm on all fours with my ass up in the air

From the yellow grass at the foot of the pass I hear my family call
And I stand up straight and see him tensed up waiting
and that's all I need to know
My children live forever, my children stand up tall
My children stand up straight
My children take their first steps, walk upright
and we stay cool in the sun

The flags were still at half-staff from when someone died almost a month ago
I was just about to lock my door
when I realized I'd forgotten where it was I was about to go
I knew it was important though
The flags were still at half-staff from when someone died almost a month ago