Organ Farming

by Ford Pier



released June 5, 2007



all rights reserved


Ford Pier Vancouver, British Columbia

Ford: v.t. to cross by wading (Webster)
Pier: n. a disappointed bridge (Joyce)

Ford Pier has a rock band called The Vengeance Trio and a string quartet called Strength Of Materials. There's six or seven albums of this stuff, and more on its way. You just watch. ... more

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Track Name: Farmer Prince

The stinking plan won’t pay for the surgery
The care that is due to me is being denied
The broker lied – possibly I didn’t understand
And the line that all of this is new to me won’t stick
That’s what you get for getting sick

Out in the field I knelt and prayed
Felt undervalued, felt betrayed
Brother, let’s call a spade a spade
Farmer Prince is sore
sore afraid

They changed my brand. It smells totally different
They cancelled the old offer and the graphics suck
Just my luck,
it won’t fit in the cabinet and probably it costs a little more
Or it costs a bit less
I haven’t been buying it since, I must confess
I’m too depressed
I resist change, that way there’s no development you can arrest
Rest and plenty – not a shoddy way to live
for a vagabond, a fugitive who hated the herd
hated the herder
built the first city and committed the first murder

That guilt is a luxury too
To have time to think about all that you do
And the whole of which you’re a part
To praise in song, to reshape through art
into something brand new
That’s what you get for being smart

Organs and harps and iron and brass
Critical faculties, critical mass
The certainty that this, too, will pass
Farmer Prince will raise his glass

© 2006, Ford Pier